Busted cooling system: sweltering heat in the fire station


The irony of heating up almost to the point of imploding a fire station of all locations. The fire station was all heated up plus even though the offices were designed to be fully opened to promote airflow, the heat inside the station was beyond me. The cooling system had malfunctioned overnight plus we had woken up to a really hot station. The indoor comfort was null, however despite the low-quality un-even temperatures, work had to continue since firefighters are considered first responders, however while the firefighters were out fighting actual fires, I contacted the Heating plus A/C serviceman to come put out this special heat that was making working impossible. The a/c tune-up revealed a host of troubles including a leak in the Heating plus A/C ducts plus the air duct was shoddily done. The cooling specialist cleaned the a/c filter which luckyly was a washable filter. The air duct was repaired plus the a/c setup was redone. The work needed to be finished this month so that the firefighters on the night shift would have a conducive working environment. The a/c unit was back on track within multiple minutes. When the morning shift returned from a job, they were welcomed by a quality air conditioner working at 100 percent capacity. We were assured that the commercial AC would be running for another 5 years with familiar care. The temperature control was also updated to a Wi-Fi temperature control. The station was redeemed back to its glory plus the staff was sure ecstatic to have the unit fixed. The fire station also took my contacts for consultation on the functions of a Heating plus A/C unit; Glad to have helped our first responders.

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