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My partner had been telling me for a while that both of us needed a modern thermostat for a couple weeks.

She didn’t want to put up with the ultra aged dial thermostat anymore.

Ever since her vision had lessened, she had been having problems seeing the dial, even with glasses. I didn’t really mean to laugh, but it was funny to see her glaring at the thermostat from just a couple close inches away. She got furious when she heard me chuckling, and that wasn’t super funny. All of us started looking for a modern thermostat shortly after that. I actually hated to do it, even though I allowed my partner to convince me both of us should have a brand new smart thermostat. All of us got the smart thermostat and had it installed. The local Heating and Air Conditioning tech who did the upgrade told us about the features both of us had with our model. There was a program in the thermostat that would easily allow text alerts to go out to both the owner and the Heating and Air Conditioning corporation in question if there was a problem with the Heating and Air Conditioning system. All of us simply had to sign up for the program so she could put in the PC numbers for the local Heating and Air Conditioning business. All of us also had a program where the brand new thermostat could sense if there was an overheating problem. Both of us ended up signing up for the alerts to the Heating and Air Conditioning business. This easily put our mind at ease in case something happened while both of us were away from home.