It was clear that something was up


Have you ever had one of those horrible feelings that something bad was about to happen, but you didn’t think about what.

My partner and I were on holiday and I had that feeling.

I was cheerful. Both of us had recently bought the modern smart thermostat for our old Heating and Air Conditioning system. I thought I could put my mind at ease if I got myself online and checked the thermostat. I checked to see if the indoor temperature of the house was where it should be. I reset the temperature in every single room, to make sure both of us weren’t wasting energy while not at home. I finally noticed that there was a change between the temperature in the house and where I personally had the thermostat set. I thought that maybe the heating had just turned off, so I simply shrugged it off, thinking I would go back and check the app in about half an hour or so. When I looked at the app for the thermostat, the temperature had gone up another 3 degrees. I had the thermostat set for fifty degrees, and the temperature was up to seventy-two at that point. It frustrated me when I hadn’t yet gained a notification that the indoor heating system wasn’t functioning correctly. I called the Heating and Air Conditioning business quickly, and they said they had gained a text about many minutes ago. They even had a key to our security lockbox, and I asked them to go to the house and see what was going on. When I gained a call an hour later, they said it was a glitch in the thermostat.



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