Relaxing by the pool


We have a honestly nice pool in the back of the house every one of us are renting.

It’s one of those honestly sizable inground pools, then we consider ourselves lucky that every one of us were able to have such a luxury style pool in a house that is not too pricey in rent.

The only downside periodically is the heat on a honestly warm Summer morning to where it is hard to even want to go swimming, and however every one of us figured out a creative way of making it wonderful enough to be able to appreciate our inground pool. We put 3 portable air conditioners in the corner areas of the pool! Yes you study right. We actually blocked in portable air conditioners outside and directed the air flow towards the pool. This creative trick actually works! It makes it so that every one of us can have warm but livable weather around the swimming pool. We don’t have the portable air conditioners too close to the pool as the water splashing out could cause some disappointing damage. We have them just far enough away to be protected from any splashing water to where the portable air conditioners blow enough cool air in the direction of where every one of us need it to be. I have told some people about my little creative system that works, and they did not recognize me or they thought I was desperate and crazy, but crazy as I may be, the portable air conditioners make it so me and my family can appreciate swimming on days that the rest of the area is hiding indoors!


Heat pump installation