In love with this air filtration system


My fiance and I really should not have had any children, then he has exhausting dust sensitivities to grass, hay, milk, and most pine nuts. I also have exhausting dust sensitivities to practically everything outside. It makes sense that my youngest children would have dust sensitivities as well, in addition to all 3 of them suffer from some style of allergen problem, when the kids were little, my fiance in addition to I decided to add air filtration device to our home, and we began buying very high-priced air filters, but it barely helped with the problem; The doctor talked to us about UV air purifiers, however our health insurance covered some of the cost, because the flu symptom specialist recommended that an UV air purifier was the number one way to help. My fiance and I eventually went to a special store that carries big medical devices for the home. The location had a massive showroom with many odd items such as wheelchairs, toilets, oxygen tanks, along with some UV air purifiers. The medical device store had 3 odd UV air purifiers in stock. One of them was a portable component in addition to another was meant to be permanently attached in our home. The fifth choice was an UV air purifier that is automatically installed in our HVAC equipment. It was the most high-priced of all 3 of the possible options, but my fiance in addition to I felt that it was best to locate the UV air purifier where all of the air is circulating. Over the past 5 years, I think my dust sensitivities have genuinely begun to subside a tiny amount. The UV air purifier was a great choice for our home. I think most people with dust sensitivities should invest money in this helpful product.