My Daughter’s Awesome Play


Our kid is really creative and she decided that she wanted to write her own play.

I told her to just use her imagination and she could come up with a really interesting story, and so she ended up coming up with this interesting scenario where a family was in a house and they forgot to get their heating and a/c system maintained.

Because they were blasting the air conditioner in the midst of the summer season without HVAC regular maintenance, the cooling unit eventually stopped working. In the play, the people were freaking out like it was going to be the end of the world, however then the heating and a/c professional came to the rescue. It was funny because in the play, she had the neighbors call up the heating and cooling company because they heard their neighbors screaming about their non-working cooling system. I thought it was funny because you would guess somebody would call the police if they heard a bunch of screams coming from the neighbors. In the end everybody was ecstatic when the heating and a/c professional saved the day and they offered him a big bin of gold for payment. I don’t know who carries around bags of gold plus can afford that much money to cover the cost for heating and a/c repairs, however it was unquestionably amusing. When my kid with her friends performed the play for us adults, all of us were all clapping plus hollering in delight. It was a superb play for such a young child plus I believe she will only get better if she keeps working at things like this.


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