It’s getting better and better


I have been vaping for a few years already now.

At first, I didn’t have much taste for the normal E-juice filler.

I knew that I liked the strawberry flavor but that was about it, as far as I was concerned. I loved vaping plus I went to the same E-juice contractor to get the same exact vape cartridge filler. One day, I came in plus my contractor had some sort of modern E-juice bottle filling machine. I asked what it was, plus she quickly told me that her last E-juice bottle filling unit could not allow for much excessive flavor mixing plus that the tubes tended to get gunked up quickly plus make the E-liquid filling diluted plus less flavorful. I got my chosen strawberry flavored E-liquid filling and, I have to say, I was quickly shocked by the quality difference! For the first time, I got a new mixed flavor with the modern E-juice bottle filling machine- strawberry banana came out – plus I loved that one too! I started to get a lot of different fillable flavors from my contractor plus I have loved all of them. My contractor even eventually let me use the vape cartridge filling unit to mix my own flavors; it was actually super fun! I’m easily happy about having this option for the modern E-juice bottle filling unit plus mixing my own E-liquid filling each time. The business at the vape shop has dramatically increased already thanks to the modern E-liquid bottle filling machine. You should come check it out! If you’re interested at all in vaping, take it from someone who didn’t realize it made a difference, it’s crucial!

Vape Cartridge Filling