I’m on the road with my vape


After the recent E-cigarette craze easily took off, I decided to get into the business – similar to a lot of people I knew.

It easily didn’t end very well for me.

I was losing currency left plus right whenever I first opened my shop; there was too much competition from people in town who had experience in smoke shops. I was pretty down on myself at first when I closed my vape shop after just a few months. I was happy that I still found an chance in the industry, though! When I was closing my tiny shop, I ended up selling the E-liquid filling unit that I had bought specifically for my shop plus I got myself a 50% profit on it. That wasn’t too bad. I remember I had bought the little vape cartridge filling unit from a contractor who was a buddy of mine originally. Then it hit me! I called my E-liquid filling unit dealer immediately plus told him I really wanted to go into business with him; he’d make the E-liquid filling unit at his shop plus I would sell them to several vape shops in the nearby area. It started off kind of small; we mostly sold smaller vape bottle filler machines to venues that were looking for brand new E-juice filler mixes plus such. Our E-liquid filling unit business easily took off when the whole CBD oil craze took hold! Our CBD oil filling unit is now our number one seller in every market! New flavors are coming out every day plus our awesome vape bottle filler unit business has never been better. I look forward to what comes next for us in this industry, it’s exciting to be a piece of the modern way people view smoking.


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