Looking for a new filling device


When I opened my vape shop, I can admit it was great because I easily didn’t have much overhead to worry about.

I luckily already had a great location plus all I easily needed to purchase for the place was the E-liquid filling machine.

I didn’t understand very much about it when I bought the E-liquid filling machine, plus I went out and bought one used. When I first opened my shop, the business was always great because I was the only vape shop in town, but pretty soon after we opened I started losing customers. I saw a previous buyer of mine at the nearest grocery store one day plus asked why she had not been coming in as of late. She told me, very sincerely, that the reason she did not come into my shop anymore was truly because of my aged E-liquid filling machine. Outdated? What does she mean This was a modern business! After doing some research online, I almost immediately found that E-liquid bottle filling machines, recognizably the oldest vape cartridge filling machines on the market, had a real problem with flavors getting stuck in the small tubes plus making the smoke taste nasty. I reached out right away to my vape juice contractor plus asked if she knew a better E-liquid bottle filling unit contractor plus she rapidly put me in touch with a woman who specialized in custom vape cartridge filling machines and sales. I spoke with him plus ended up with 2 E-juice bottle filling machines at the shop – one regular plus one CBD oil filling machine. With so much word of mouth about my exciting and modern E-juice bottle filling machine, I’ve seen a lot of my customers come back; plus now with the CBD oil filling machine, I see a lot of unfamiliar faces.



Vape Bottle Filler