You can’t keep using the old one man


I used to hold a position at a smoke shop with an seasoned family friend.

It was absolutely the first, plus only, task I had out of high school plus I became quite the cigar aficionado.

Mostly, the clientele around that place consisted of older gentlemen who liked an expensive cigar. When the vape craze hit, the owner desperately wanted to keep up with the demand of the vape shop across the street from us, so she bought an E-liquid bottle filling unit of her own. It was definitely a used vape bottle filling machine, so it was a little older. I was totally upset that the E-liquid filling that stained the inside of the tubes might cause a bigger issue, although she didn’t seem too nervous about that. I loved the owner, although she did not really understand that vaping business. The E-liquid bottle filling unit she purchased didn’t end up mattering. The vaping business didn’t take off plus eventually the E-liquid bottle filling unit just sort of sat there. When the little lady retired, she let me take over the business. The first thing I did on the job was replace the E-liquid bottle filling unit with an updated one; I also bought a CBD oil filling unit because I recognize it’s imminently going to be big. I suppose some of the older customers didn’t appreciate having young people who vape in the shop at first. I don’t want to say that my business is slowly solving the generation crisis in the country or anything, but today every single smoker in the shop seems to be getting along great. I’m very thankful for the hard earned chance to own this business. It has always been a sizable enjoyment in my life.

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