An air purifier is wonderful for newborn babies


When my spouse was pregnant, she insisted that the two of us be surprised if it were a girl or boy.

Well, over time, I tried my best to keep my spouse comfortable.

I realized that the two of us should do a better job with the air quality in our house, so I decided to upgrade our air filter & have a UV air purification system installed. I believe the UV air purification system is wonderful because it kills the bacteria & viruses within the air. I feel this is perfect for a newborn baby because you never want your little one to become sick & be vulnerable to any type of illness. I actually didn’t want our newborn baby to have any difficulty with respiratory complications. Well as the two of us were nearing the due date, I realized that my wifey’s belly was growing at an alarming rate. The two of us began noticing that there were numerous kicks that couldn’t come from one baby because the kicks were in various spots. My spouse realized that she was probably having twins! I almost fainted when she mentioned twins, because I didn’t understand how the two of us were going to take care of more than one baby. We set the nursery up for just one baby, so I had to run out to the store to order another crib, another swing, another high chair & even more diapers and wipes. When the babies were born, sure enough it was twin boys, who were as cute as ever & we were super thankful to have them. I’m glad that I decided to prepare with a new UV air purification system & better air filters, because I wanted them to remain perfectly healthy.