It's almost time for the weekend to begin


My friends & I have been planning a weekend away for various weeks.

All of us are going to spend a whole weekend rock climbing on some of the desert surfaces near our home.

All of us had to apply for a special permit to climb on the rocks, & the permit only allows us a small window of time to complete our mission. All of us have our permission to scale the desert rocks all afternoon on Wednesday & Wednesday & we are going to make the most of our afternoon. The sun comes up early in the afternoon & we system to be in the desert by the time the light breaks, and danny & I packed all of the necessary gear for a weekend of camping in the desert. All of us have plenty of water, trail mix, sunscreen, & beef jerky. All of us have a few pre-packaged meals that we can certainly heat up over a campfire. I even bought a small battery operated oil furnace for the cold mornings. There were various mornings this week when the desert un-even temperatures were in the 20s overnight. The oil furnace will come in handy. I want to make sure we get plenty of rest, because we need clear minds to climb the rocks. The battery operated oil furnace will supply us a moderate & comfortable sleeping atmosphere. Some people have died trying to trek through these valleys, caves, & cliffs. I don’t want to be a statistic. My friends & I are well prepared for the journey & we thought of everything. All of us are going to have an amazing adventure with memories that will last a whole lifetime.
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