My husband needs a raise for his HVAC services


In the town where I live, there are various weird heating and cooling companies to choose from, and my hubby works at the tiniest Heating and Air Conditioning corporation, but it is more of a mom and pop corporation than one of the larger Heating and Air Conditioning companies that’d know of.

Anyway, my hubby genuinely likes what he does as a Heating and Air Conditioning worker and he’s also genuinely good at heating and cooling repairs and replacements.

However, he gets superb comments and reviews from all of the buyers that he deals with on an official basis. It has gotten to the point that whenever customers call in to make appointments for furnace repairs or a/c replacements, they request my hubby by name. Everyone needs to have him as their Heating and Air Conditioning specialist, which I know is a good thing. Occasionally, it gets to be irritating because his schedule is packed and his beeper goes off all the time. I guess when you are the star of the Heating and Air Conditioning business, that’s what ends up happening. I believe that my hubby should genuinely be getting some sort of raise or something because he is super high in demand in the Heating and Air Conditioning world. As it is, he just gets paid hourly, and I keep telling him that he could begin a bidding war for his Heating and Air Conditioning services if he would just speak up to his boss. Another Heating and Air Conditioning corporation here in town would adore having him work for them because all of his heating and cooling clients would follow him wherever he goes!

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