The whole party was totally ruined


Our lady called the two of us to tell everyone of us that our own child was going to be married.

I was totally gleeful because she was in the year of 40 and I believe no one would ever get married.

She is the only child and the system of grandchild when was fading away from her. Now it seems she would marry another beautiful girl with several of her own children. She was gleeful for the system of instantly becoming a grandmother and that helped her decide to pay for some type of anniversary party. Every one of them chose the date for the wedding which seemed to be the middle of the summer. It was a harshly hot time of the year and many folks were worried about the seasonal weather. One requested a venue where everyone of us would have Quality Air Conditioning. Every one of us wanted the guests to be extremely comfortable. There was not going to be a chance to have the outdoor ceremony that she so longingly wanted. Every one of us tried to convince her to get a hall, just so they could have air conditioning in the environment when they celebrate. The only thing we could do was get a very large red tent for the reception area. It was mostly cool and comfortable due to the fact that every one of us ordered them to buy portable air conditioners to keep in the area. Every one of us wished that the air conditioners would have worked much better, but they simply could not help during the hottest part of a summer day.

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