Pressurised gas furnace maintenance


My outdated farmhouse had a pressurized gas furnace installed several years ago! There are pipes leading from the boiler to radiators throughout the house.

These pipes carry the tepid water that has been heated in the boiler.

Then, the radiators heat up the house. It’s been working great, however last year I had people come out and do a little bit of maintenance on the boiler system to make sure it was safe. They were some buddys of mine and they charged a lot less than professionals would have. I wish I would have just stuck with the professionals though. I don’t assume what these buddys did to our gas furnace however they messed it up. I could barely keep the apartment overheated and our gas bill was through the roof. I finally decided to hire a real boiler supplier to come out and take a look. They ran a few tests and explained that air got into our pipes and this was causing all of the problems. I wonder who was responsible for that? It actually wasn’t the professionals. They did a lot of cleaning and other maintenance to make sure that our pressurized gas furnace was wonderful to go… Now our apartment is warming up legitimately nicely and our gas bills are back down to a manageable level. I actually won’t be using some buddys if I ever need any more maintenance on this antique pressurized gas furnace. I am just going to go ahead and pay to have the professionals come out and do it right the first time. I have l earned from our mistakes.



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