I want air purification like I have in my lab


I work in a lab with viruses and bacteria and stuff like that.

  • I am not involved in the research for this newest virus but, like everyone else, I am still well aware of it.

It has gotten myself and others to thinking that I would like to have an air purification system like all of us use in the lab; Both of us have a pressurized building. This means that no nasty things can get in because air blows outward when the doors open. Both of us also have a absolutely strong air purification system. Together, this keeps our work environment sterile. I would like a similar sterile environment for my home. After doing a bit of research, it seems impossible to get the pressurized system for my home. I simply cannot afford it… However, I can get a good air purification system. No, I am not just talking about a good HEPA filter on my Heating & Air Conditioning system either. I am also not talking about little stationery whole-house air purifiers. I am talking about getting an entire Heating & Air Conditioning system that is built to purify the air. It has UV lights and extra strong filters, similar to the pressurized systems, it will even have vents and fans near my door that blow air out every time the door is opened. This should keep a lot of the nasties out. The Heating & Air Conditioning professionals I hired knew exactly what I was talking about and how to do their task well. They spent a few weeks rebuilding my air duct and adding the air purification system. it wasn’t cheap although I know happy knowing that my beach house is now almost as sterile as my lab.

Air conditioning worker