I went nearly an entire year without using my gas furnace


I can’t suppose that it has been a year since I have entirely used the gas furnace in my house… Some mornings, I miss using the gas furnace always, but most mornings, I am gleeful that I am no longer reliant on that gas furnace; The reason that I am no longer using the gas furnace is that I have given up all current technology.

It started while reading a book.

The premise was that if we rely on technology too much, we will never be self-reliant, a fine example was the Heating and Air Conditioning units. If I relied on the Heating and Air Conditioning corporations to keep a unit working that would keep myself and others warm, I would never be able to keep myself warm. If I always relied on electricity to keep my gas furnace working, then I would always be dependent on electricity. Instead, I decided to give up the gas furnace and learn how to become self-sufficient with my heating. I decided to go dire with my heating system. I built my own fireplace with clay and stone, and I use the wood from my wooded yard to heat my entire house. Sure, it is not nearly as convenient as the gas furnace, but I have become a lot more self-reliant, and I prefer that. I prefer that I create my own heat. I also don’t have an air conditioner, but I don’t honestly miss that. It helps myself and others to stay outside when I am not always dreaming of using my air conditioner. I absolutely don’t miss my Heating and Air Conditioning units, and I am glad that I finally made the switch!

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