My uncle braved working in the mines in his days without proper climate control and ventilation


My uncle was a miner for most of his life until he finally managed to retire.

The thing is, he has a host of respiratory issues and it really concerns me.

He is very thankful for the advances in climate control technology these days, and he says that’s a good thing for people who choose to work in the mines now. He said back in his day, they didn’t have much in the way of heating and cooling to keep the mines comfortable for the workers. You basically had to deal with it with minimal ventilation, and he knows that’s why he has severe respiratory issues these days. Now he has a really nice air purification system in his home which makes it easier for him to breathe with improved air quality. He also comments how he has read about the advances in safety for those people who choose to work underground in mines. These days, it’s more about keeping up with the safety regulations and the mine operators must comply with the safety rules to keep the miners as safe as can be. They are always still trying to cut back on climate control and ventilation costs it seems, but they are put under pressure by environmental safety and workers’ advocate groups who really push hard to make sure the needs of the workers are met. My uncle just says that he wished it was more like that back in his day, and then perhaps he wouldn’t have so many health issues. He laughed it off and said I should be a miner, but I gave a hard pass on that. I couldn’t imagine working underground like that everyday.


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