And they never had an effective AC unit


When my spouse and I first got together and bought our house, the two of us had no proposal that the existing air conditioning system wasn’t large enough for the location. All of us hired a contractor company to check out the plumbing and the indoor Heating and Air Conditioning equipment. I think they must have checked to make sure that everything was now working, but after that step, they did not bother to find out if the two of us had the right device installed for our home or not. I did not ask them to check on that information either, so maybe that was my fault as well. All of us have been residing in the house for the past 8 years and the two of us recently had to substitute and upgrade our old AC unit. My spouse and I were truly surprised when the HVAC maintenance company told us that the conditioner in our home had always been too small for the square footage. My spouse and I had gotten the home with a 3 ton air conditioning system, but the square footage of our home always required a 4 ton air conditioning system. The AC manager from the Heating and Air Conditioning company was truly surprised about this. He explained all of the reasons why it was bad for our HVAC device and our monthly electric bill. The company recommended that the two of us purchase a larger model. This whole time, my spouse and I have been using an old, failing air conditioning system that is far too small for our needs. It’s suddenly no wonder that the two of us pay a buck every month to keep the location cool.


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