The crew is still going to the mountains


Growing up, most of my best memories were out in nature with my buds.

For as long as I can remember, we’ve enjoyed the great outdoors and hanging together in the beautiful natural surroundings of our area.

Luckily, my friends and I spend a lot of time in the mountains. All of us live way down in the valley, but the mountains are only about 2 hours away. All of us often spend several days fishing and kayaking our time away at the lake. My friends and I have been using the same hotel for our group outings for the past several years, but they recently closed down for good, though. All of us had to find a up-to-date location, so the two of us went back home and used the internet to search for nice accommodations. My friends and I eventually found a really nice lodge about 2 miles away from the lake. I do not really prefer the drive, but the quaint lodge is really nice. The whole location is fairly up-to-date and I really do not think it has been open for more than a year or multiple. But, my number one part about the new lodge is the fact that each room has its own temperature control and personal HVAC device. Most hotel rooms have a window or wall air conditioning system for you to use, but this Lodge has an individual temperature control and central heat and AC all in one unit. My number one time of the year to visit the lake is late Springtime around here, when the rapidly decreasing temperatures are starting to consistently heat up. I love to relax in the cool air after spending all afternoon on the lake. We’ll be here as long as they continue to maintain such great accommodations.

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