I don't’ need to freeze again


One of my boyfriend’s best friends works for the local hockey team.

This means, sometimes he can get great tickets to home games… too often, I would say.

Every once in a while, he can score many tickets at once, which means we have to have a whole hockey party and go to the game with all his buds. I don’t love it. Then during the past hockey season, my boyfriend and I saw more than seven different home games, just the two of us. I loved all of the games, but the temperature continued to drop noticeably as the season went on. During the last home game, I remember distinctly that my hands and feet were chilly cold and I thought they were possibly going to get frostbite. I wanted to take a small battery operated heating device with us to the games, but my boyfriend thought that was a crazy idea. He actually did not want to be seen with myself and others if I had an oil furnace under my legs in public. I just wanted to stay moderate and I did not feel that there was enough heat in the stands. So, when my boyfriend got tickets to a home playoff game, I decided not to go. It upset him a lot, and I knew it would be a fun experience, but the temperature that day was 20 degrees colder than average. I did not think I would have a truly great time so I decided to stay home and my boyfriend took his buddy instead. I watched the game on cable and every hour was thrilling. Still, I was cheerful to sit at home on the couch and soak up the moderate heat and comfortable atmosphere.

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