I’m looking for a few close friends.


Everyone seems to be connecting with friends right now.

They are having virtual parties and virtual get-togethers.

I have seen where some people get together for a virtual five o’clock glass of wine. I think I must have put too much time into my work and getting my career started. I haven’t had a single person, other than my mother, call to see if I was okay. It really upset me to find out I didn’t have any friends. The only thing I have to keep me company is my dog and my furnace. It has been quite cold outside ever since this pandemic has begun. Without my furnace, I would have frozen to death in my home. The dog keeps me warm at night, but he is busy snoozing all day long. He is used to my not being home and his schedule hasn’t changed. I guess being socially distanced right now could be a lot worse. I recently had a new UV air filter system installed in my HVAC system. I know that the UV air filter system will help to keep the bacteria and virus germs out of my breathing air. There would be nothing worse than being stuck in the house knowing that I could end up with coronavirus and no one would know. I have considered some things that could happen and none of them are good. I will stay in my apartment with my wine and UV air purification system. As long as I have the UV air purifier and heating, and wine, I will be fine.


HEPA filter