We found her hiding behind the furnace.


I kept telling my husband that I could hear something that sounded like a child crying.

The only time I heard it was when we were in the bedroom.

He told me it was probably just a raccoon outside, but I didn’t believe him. I knew the sound was coming from inside the house. The other morning, he heard the sound while I was still in bed. Our furnace room is right beneath our bedroom and he went in search of the sound. He found a kitten that couldn’t have been more than two weeks old behind the furnace. She was cold and starving. He quickly wrapped her up in a small blanket and brought her upstairs. I tried to feed her warm milk to get her warmed up, but she wasn’t responding. I asked my husband how she got behind the furnace and he had no clue. I kept trying to get warm milk into her while cuddling her to me to keep her warm. My husband went downstairs to see if there were any small holes that she could have gotten through. He couldn’t find a single way for her to have gotten inside and by the furnace. Her eyes weren’t even open, so she definitely couldn’t have travelled that far. I sat her down by the air vent and kept her wrapped in the blanket, to keep her warm. I was determined to get her warm and keep her safe until I could call the vet to see how to take care of her. I could only hope she would survive until I could take her there.