Hiring a handyman for heat pump installation wasn’t smart


When I decided to open up a winery on our father’s grape fields I had a lot of things I needed to invest in, and i had to buy an actual facility with electric plus plumbing inside.

I needed wine tanks, carboys, movable tables, sugar, sediment, yeast, plus other materials for making wine, however one of the most important things I needed in our wine facility was heating plus cooling though, however wine should never get to cold temperatures or too hot.

Due to our climate, I needed both heating plus air conditioner. I started hunting around online plus I found that a ductless heat pump plan was the answer… The cost of the actual heat pump plus the Heating, Ventilation, plus A/C installation was a bit more than I wanted to spend. I already bought a full on facility, I wanted to do something cheap. I decided to buy the heat pump online plus then have a local handyman hook up the equipment, however buying the equipment online was much cheaper plus I got it shipped right to the facility. Where I messed up was relying on a non professional. The handyman did not want to run long electric lines or mess around at the back of the building near the grapefiels. The guy ended up installing the heat pump right by the wine facility front door. It looks terrible! Also, the heat pump makes strange sounds when it operates plus can’t give me an accurate temperature control studying. The guy totally messed up our brand new system. I should have just paid for professional heat pump installation.
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