I would have laughed if you told me twenty years ago we’d control AC with cell phones


I am still surprised by the number of features and capabilities that I get with an average smartphone in this day and age.

Back when I bought my first flip phone in the early 2000s, I was just happy to have text messaging for the first time.

The phone didn’t even have a camera included. My replacement wowed me to no end when I finally had that feature for the first time, albeit with low megapixels and terrible resolution. When smartphones hit the market only six or seven years later, I was absolutely shocked with what the market seems to be evolving into. There was talk about mobile internet allowing you access to a computer the size of your hand. You could stream music apps in the car for the first time ever. GPS was no longer limited to small devices that you had to buy for several hundred dollars and affix to your dashboard. But with all of the advances in smartphone technology, I never pictured a day where I could change the indoor climate of my house while I’m at work or thousands of miles away on vacation. The air conditioner has a smart thermostat that is linked to my WIFI router. I downloaded an app on my phone that communicates with the smart thermostat at home while it is online. In minutes I can turn on my heat to get the house warm before leaving in the afternoons, or I can simply monitor AC usage remotely to make sure there are no malfunctions with the system. Although I don’t use these features on a daily basis, it’s nice to know that I have so much control with just my phone.


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