I think my daughter might go to our local career center


I think my daughter might go to our local career center sometime this fall.

She’s been thinking about it for a while now, and she’s almost to the point where she’s ready to start thinking about a real career.

She’s been working several part time jobs since she got out of high school, but recently, she’s started thinking about becoming a heating, cooling and ventilation professional. She’s been reading articles about good blue collar jobs for women to work at, and HVAC businesses were at the top of the list. She told me that she really wanted to start a career in which she would never have to worry about having job security. She did some research and in our county alone, there were hundreds of job openings at local HVAC businesses for people with HVAC certifications. I’m pretty proud of her for trying to make some good decisions when it comes to what she wants to do for a career. The career center is offering the HVAC certification course starting at the beginning of October this year. Then the classes will run for the next fifteen months or so. When she graduates from the class, she will be certified in heating and cooling and she is sure that she will be able to get a job at the HVAC company of her choice here in town. I think it’s a pretty smart plan. Since she’s a woman, I bet heating and cooling companies will really be interested in hiring her. That is, as long as she gets good grades and does well on her HVAC certification test!

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