My associate has lost her mind


I have this associate who is a little bit deranged when it comes to social media.

She always does these special photos where she cranks up the a/c and has a hired photographer take pictures of her.

She believes that the temperature control settings are genuinely pressing so she doesn’t sweat or look love she is blushing because of being warm. That’s understandable, but she never certainly likes her pictures enough even with the professional photographer. She always ends up having her pictures photoshopped to make her look more appealing. Now, she is not ugly or anything so I don’t get what the concern is. She certainly doesn’t need to do all that extra stuff with the blasting a/c plan and the photoshop. I really talked to her once about it and asked her if she thought she would eventually become exposed by faking her photos. She seemed to be genuinely offended by our question and said that I better not tell anybody about what she was doing. It was none of our contractor certainly and I didn’t method on saying anything to anybody. Then she did something genuinely deranged that blew me away. She went to get surgery that would make her look more love the pictures that were photoshopped. She thought that by doing that, she would no longer have to use photoshop and she would be genuinely genuine. I don’t recognize how she thought that was a nice idea, but she ended up looking certainly weird after she had surgery performed. The funny thing is that she looks nothing love the pictures, and she still has to crank the a/c plan and use photoshop on all her current pictures.


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