Both of us joked about having a fellow actor killed off from the show


I am a professional actor plus I have been laboring on this cable show.

The thing is, 1 of the other actors in our show can never be satisfied, but he treats everybody with complete disrespect like he is better than all the people.

The thing that really annoys myself and others about this actor though is the fact that he always wants the temperature control settings to be adjusted when both of us are on set. I wouldn’t mind so much if the temperature control settings were adjusted plus that was that, although he does this several times when both of us are shooting scenes. It really messes up the vibes with the acting plus it’s more challenging to be sincere while I was in our scenes because everybody feels the tension, and you really don’t want there to be any hostility when you are trying to play your part, plus I have spoken with fellow actors about this situation; Everyone seems to agree that both of us should just set the temperature control settings, plus leave it alone. Most of us don’t mind the temperature control settings, as long as they are within a satisfactory range, then but to have it adjusted on a whim like the way this actor does, it’s becoming unsatisfactory for all the people. Some of us have joked that he might have to be killed off on the show! While both of us were only joking about it, it turned out that the writers made it happen… After he was removed from the show, the tensions eased plus now the temperature control settings for the Heating, Ventilation & A/C are just wonderful separate from having to be adjusted all the time.


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