Winery heat pump


For years my father has farmed grapes and sold them for jams, jellies and grape juice, however i was the first 1 in many generations of farmers to try and make wine out of the grapes. I started out just in my basement crushing, adding sugar and yeast to my product. I made a good enough wine and got enough supplier to build an actual facility. I had a wine facility built right on my father’s vineyards, but this makes it simple to take the grapes off the wines and crush for the juice. I have everything I need in 1 site. I obtained pressing wine tanks, carboys, bottles, labels and boxes for the finished product! One thing I needed to add to my wine facility was a Heating and A/C system though… For wine you want to keep it at a consistent temperature, however since it is alcohol, it won’t freeze but it will mess up the fermentation process. Since I live in the north, buying both heating and cooling was a necessary evil. I did a ton of research and found that a ductless heat pump was the answer to all my problems, then a heat pump can do both heating and cooling in 1 unit. It is a high upfront cost that saves energy overtime by pumping heat energy inside or outside of a facility. The heat pump installation was the only tricky thing I faced. I had to call Heating and A/C dealership after Heating and A/C supplier trying to get someone to come and do it for me. Lots of people never answered the phone or showed up when I had an appointment.

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