Trying to cheap on the heat pump


Recently I built a shed in my backyard for my woodworking business.

  • It was cheaper to build it myself and use all materials that I had lying around the house.

Not to brag, but I know I did a actually good job. The next step was that I needed some form of heating and cooling in my shed so I can toil year around, however most people buy right from a Heating and A/C company and have a licensed Heating and A/C corporation do the installation. I decided to do a bit of hunting online and I found a ductless heat pump for sale on ebay. I got it for a actually low price since it was lightly used. After the heat pump was sent to my home I attempted installing it. I am not a Heating and A/C corporation in any way, shape or form. I tried googling heat pump installation and Heating and A/C problemshooting. I was way over my head. I finally had to throw in the towel to call a real Heating and A/C professional. I had a difficult time getting any Heating and A/C worker to come over to my home because they wanted me to buy their system. The few gentlemen that came over were disgusted by my used system and my shoddy attempt at installation. I finally had 1 girl willing to install it for money that day. The girl told me that my heat pump was worn to the point that it would maybe last a year… She said that I could have gotten a deal on a current system and half off installation if I would have called her company.