American Wheel and Tire offer in-house spray-on bedliners for your truck. Applied by our trained techs, spray-on bedliners provide unmatched protection for your truck’s bed with many benefits including: 

  • Permanent

  • Resists staining from harsh chemicals

  • Prevents leaks, rust & corrosion

  • Sound-dampening

  • Impact-absorbing

  • Custom color options

If you are looking for a less permanent solution, AWT also offers drop-in bedliners and mats. Options like the hard bedliner, for heavy use protection, to the comfort of the carpeted liners or just the simple bed floor mat. We offer the popular brands to suit your needs.

We can also make the perfect bed by topping it off with a bed cover. Offering many brands and styles, from roll-up to flip style to power sliding, we have your bed covered.

Call us for the best solution for you and your truck at (713) 528-8636.

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