Black Rhino Wheels For Trucks And SUVs

01 16, 2022

The black rhino is one of the toughest and fiercest beasts on the planet. So the truck and SUV wheel makers in Brea, CA, thought it was an appropriate brand name for their line of awesome rims explicitly designed to meet the needs of off-road enthusiasts. So, Black Rhino Wheels was launched, and the rest is history. 

Because Black Rhino builds wheels for off-road rides, their holy grail is to continue to create the lightest and strongest wheels available on the market, and that means using the latest technology and most advanced manufacturing techniques. 

Of course, all truck and SUV drivers want great design regardless of how they use their rides. Nothing changes the look and personality of a vehicle faster than a hot set of rims. So at Black Rhino, you will find an odd mix of metallurgists, metal pounders, creative artists, and fanatical finishers working together to create the ultimate wheel which touches all the bases. 

The Technology, Styles, and Finishes

At Black Rhino, we consider our wheels the standard to measure all other off-road wheels. We think you will agree after trying a set of our rims. With that in mind. Here are the four styles we craft, and we invite you to compare them to any same-style wheel on the market. 

Forged Monoblock

The ultimate in lightweight strength and performance. Our forged rims start as a block of proprietary aluminum alloy. Next, heat and extreme pressure are applied, changing the molecular structure of the metal, increasing its strength, and shaping it. Because the process flattens and thins the metal, less raw material is required to construct the wheel than other manufacturing processes. Less raw material means less weight, and less weight means increased performance. 

Flow Form

This technology offers a compromise between the most robust production technique, forging, and the more common casting technique. During the process, pressure is applied to the wheel's barrel after it has been cast, increasing strength and decreasing weight. Stronger than cast and less expensive than forging, Free Flow is a perfect compromise. 


Strictly a performance tire that may not be legal on public roads. A Beadlock wheel has an extra rim bolted onto the wheel's bead after the tire has been mounted firmly, securing the tire to the rim. A Beadlock allows the use of very low tire pressure to optimize traction without worrying the tire will pop off the wheel. 

One-Piece Cast

Cast wheels make up most rims on the street. They are made by melting aluminum and pouring it into a mold. Black Rhino makes a line of single-piece rims which are stiffer and more robust than two-piece or three-piece wheels.

Appearance-wise, every Black Rhino is an awesome piece of automotive art regardless of type. Aggressive, elegant, rough, whatever look you are looking for, we have it in stock. Here's what we mean: 

Black Rhino Twister (forged)

This forged rim with an intricate spoke pattern and prominent Black Rhino Forged center cap is a true directional wheel. Because Black Rhino manufactures their forged wheels for specific lifted trucks and SUVs,  they are always in stock. No waiting, as is typical with custom forged wheels. The Twister is available in 22" and 24" with 5, 6, and 8 bolt patterns.

Black Rhino Baja Forged Beadlock

A serious performance wheel is finished in candy red with black hardware; the Baja is a forged beadlock rim meant for off-road use only. Available only in 17x8.5 with 5 and 6 bolt patterns.

Black Rhino Aliso (Flow Form Technology)

The Aliso is an excellent wheel for off-road trucks, featuring a full face center and multi-spoke design. Flow Form Technology significantly reduces the weight of the barrel and rim, creating a wheel with low rotational mass and high performance. Available in 16", 17", and 18" with 5 and 6 lug patterns.

Black Rhino Abrams (One-Piece Cast)

Inspired by the military, the Abrams' rugged, aggressive design is ideally suited for a heavy-duty truck. Available in Gloss Gunblack, Textured Matte Gunmetal, and OD Green, in sizes 17”, 18”, and 20”.

When you want the best available performance out of your off-road wheels, turn to the selection from America’s wheel standard, Black Rhino Wheels
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