FIFTEEN52 Wheels – Performance Designs for Daily Drives

4 04, 2022

FIFTEEN52 is probably not a top-of-mind brand for you when shopping for new rims, but maybe it should be. If you are looking for something different, something unique, something rugged and designed for performance for your daily ride, you need to give serious consideration to the FIFTEEN52 line of street wheels. FIFTEEN52’s minimalist design language and performance legacy in racing paddocks and rally stages combine to create wheels that turn your daily ride into something exciting.

Originally a tuner shop operating under three names, VW Tune, Audi Tune, and Porsche Tune, the company developed a relationship with motorsports icon Ken Block. That association with Block greatly influenced the direction of the company’s expansion into the aftermarket wheel field. Sharing a passion for speed and pushing boundaries, FIFTEEN52 outfitted Block with racing-inspired wheels for his craziest motorsports endeavors and wildest car builds.

The result of that collaboration is a series of light, tough, eye-catching, cast aluminum alloy rims that have a solid following in the motorsports community, most notably, the Tarmac and Turbomac lines. In addition, FIFTEEN52 has expanded its line of rims and now offers performance wheels for cars. They have the same qualities as the rally-proven Tarmac and Turbomac and are priced very competitively. So, if you need new rims for your daily ride, you need to check these out.

Performance Rims for Cars

What you will notice with this sampling of wheels is the simplistic design and abundance of empty space. That “empty” space is strategically designed to ensure strength and durability, and because that space is not filled with material, it makes for a lighter, more efficient, better handling rim.


This sleek wheel is ideal for a more upscale daily ride like a Lexus IS350. Featuring a split 7-spoke mesh design and signature Super Touring Lug Cap System, the APEX provides maximum caliper clearance and an outer lip channel to reduce weight. Standard finishes are Frosted Graphite and Rally White. These rims are load rated to 1600 lbs and are available in 17 and 18-inch sizes. Call us for the exact fitment.


Big, bold, and Gold (or Speed Silver or Asphalt Black), these classic 5-spoke rims, reminiscent of the 90s, feature a flat face with spokes rolled back to the lip to give a sense of depth. Straight out of the motorsport paddock, this design is ideal for showing off big brakes in proper fashion. Perfect for the enthusiast driving the likes of a Subaru WRX STI or MK7.5 VW Golf R, the Chicane is available in 17, 18, and 19-inch sizes.

Holeshot RSR

FIFTEEN52 calls the Holeshot their ultimate in mesh design. The scalloped spokes reduce weight without reducing strength. The stepped-lip design and slight face protrusion give the rim a profile that is going to get attention. Each Holeshot RSR wheel comes equipped with anodized Black Motorsport Rings machined from aluminum. Standard finishes include Asphalt Black, Radiant Silver, and Magnesium and are available with a 19-inch diameter.

There are a bunch more to review, and if your “car” is actually a truck or Jeep, FIFTEEN52 has an entire line of off-road rims. Check out our inventory (and our Jeep Store) to get the details or give us a ring at (713) 682-1085, and we will be happy to assist.

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