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3 07, 2022

Fuel Offroad

Cutting-edge design, fitments, and innovative technological advancements have been driving Fuel Off-Road since it was founded in 2009. They have a finger on the pulse of the off-road community and use feedback from enthusiasts, extreme off-roaders, and trophy truck fanatics to fuel their line of wheels and tires. As a result, Fuel Off-Road has become the brand that offers the widest selection of off-road rims and fitments available in the market!

So, what does that mean for you? It means no matter what kind of truck, off-road SUV, ATV, or UTV you drive, or how you drive it, racer, daily commute, rock crawling, workhorse, or trail busting, Fuel Off-Road has a rim for you.

Specializing in What You Want Most

Off-road enthusiasts are not cookie-cutter drivers. Instead, they each have their own requirements, needs, and budget. And that is why the Ful Off-Road line of wheels covers all the bases.

Forged. The strongest, lightest wheels on the market are forged. At Fuel Off-Road, that means rims machined from 6061 T1 aluminum alloy monoblock custom built to precisely meet your vehicle’s specifications. Available in 20-inch to 30-inch diameters, they are the largest lifted truck forged rims on the market. Standard finishes are blind your eyes polished or black with milled details. Custom colors range from powdercoat to two-tone and multi-color or painted to match your ride’s color code.

1-Piece. The next best thing to forged, the Fuel Off-Road cast 1-piece wheel, is designed trail tough and engineered for exceptional performance on the pavement as well. The one-piece line delivers excellent value by offering a massive array of designs, sizes, and fitments.

2-Piece. When looks count, get the high dollar appearance of a multi-part gorged wheel for a whole lot less with the Fuel Off-Road selection of 2-piece cast rims. In addition, the modular construction allows for true customization of the center and rim finishes. Pick from liquid paint, powder coat, or chrome with a contrasting lip color.

Deep Lip. Are you going for that extreme, over-the-top, aggressive look that comes with a big lift and even bigger tires? If so, you have to take a look at Fuel Off-Road 1-piece cast Deep Lip rims that give you the look (and the room) without breaking the bank.

Dually. For the heavy lifters. It doesn’t get better than this. Fuel Off-Road custom machines your wheels to offer a perfect and direct bolt-on wheel tailored to your specific vehicle. No need for adapters or spacers on the tow vehicle. Available in forged, 1-piece, or 2-piece construction in a host of awesome finishes.

Perfect Wheels Need Perfect Rubber

If you are going to make the perfect off-road rim, it only stands to reason you want to make the ideal tire to mount on it. The Fuel Off-Road Gripper line of X/T, M/T, and A/T rubber. Built for trucks and SUVs, the Gripper is available in R17 through R30 applications. There is no question this rubber can handle ant terrain from craggy rock to muddy mush, but it will also perform exceptionally well when a paved road has to be driven. Big chunky lugs and aggressive tread patterns aside, the Gripper gives a comfortable and surprisingly quiet ride. 

If you are serious about upgrading your off-road rims, you have to give Fuel Off-Road a hard look. Have questions? Give us a call at 713-682-1085, and one of our off-road wheel specialists will be happy to assist. Call us now!

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