Lexani Tires - Not What You Might Expect

11 30, 2021

When people hear the name Lexani, odds are they immediately think of the custom rims that double as automotive jewelry that are typically mounted on luxury, high-performance, and exotic vehicles. These beautiful examples of automotive art crafted in Irwindale, Ca, are the pride and joy of the designers, engineers, and artisans that craft them.  Highly sought after by celebrities, musicians, and professional sports personalities as rims for their show rides, Lexani is widely known as the hallmark for custom wheels.

So, the folks at Lexani decided they needed a tire they could wrap around their rims that would compliment the custom wheel appearance. So, they chose to get in the tire business, and in fact, there is no better-looking combination than a Lexani wheel paired with a Lexani tire.

The most distinguishing feature of any Lexani tire is the aggressive, deep tread pattern and side lugs. When mated to a world-class custom rim, it looks like a performer and can bring a whole new look to a vehicle.

And that’s when it dawned on them. Lexani rubber made Lexani rims look fantastic, but they also gave other custom and stock wheels a whole new personality. As a result, these handsome, high-performance wheels now appear on rides that are unlikely to be spotted sporting high-end Lexani wheels. Lexani is making tires for everything from subcompacts to light trucks. More than that, unlike their rims, Lexani is offering these tires at exceptionally competitive price points.

Here are a few examples of what we mean:


Lexani LXM - 101

Designed as a basic All-Season tire for subcompacts and compact vehicles equipped with wheels ranging from 13-inches to 15-inches, the LXM-101 provides maximum comfort, fuel efficiency, and stable handling in both dry and wet conditions. Constructed with five continuous tread blocks and four main longitudinal grooves that act as a kind of shock absorber, the LXM-101 delivers a smooth, quiet ride with excellent handling qualities. You might find these tires on Acura Integras, Honda Accords, a Ford Focus and, other similar rides.

Lexani LXUHP-107 

If you think your Caddilac CTS has become more of a money pit than you expected, keep the Lexani LXUHP-107 in mind the next time you need a new set of performance tires. The LXUHP-107 is an economical choice for performance coupes and sedans. Featuring a deep circumferential groove design, the LXUHP-107 provides the performance you want along with a smooth ride and excellent performance on wet roads. Engineered with a compound designed to lengthen treadwear and a casing constructed of polyamide and polyester tread plies, the LXUHP-107 is an ideal all-weather tire

Lexani LXHT-106

If you own a light truck or SUV, the LXHT-106 is a hot-looking tire available in a wide range of sizes and fitments. Rib designed with advanced sipes, grooves, and slits for superior performance on slippery surfaces, the LXHT-106 also has circumferential grooves to mitigate the threat of hydroplaning. Surprisingly quiet for such a big tire, the LXHT-106 provides a smooth and comfortable ride.

Lexani Mud Beast M/T

The Mud Beast M/T is for serious off-road enthusiasts who want all-out maximum traction when crossing sloppy terrain. This tire lives for playing in the mud, sleet, rain, and snow with its beefed-up sidewalls and tread protection. Despite its chunky tread design and size, the Mud Beast has good manners when crossing paved roads giving a quiet and comfortable ride. Highly stylized, this tire will dress up everything that rides on it, from a Ford F250 to Jeep Wrangler. And then there is the price. Off-road enthusiasts will seriously appreciate the price point on this rubber

Lexani Terrain Beast AS

Sold as an All-Season radial, the Terrain Beast has some serious off-road characteristics in its construction. Featuring a compound designed for all-season and off-road, deep grooves for excellent grip on loose dirt trails, and a unilateral center rib ensuring stability and enhanced control, the Terrain Beast is a great performer on or off the road.

The bottom line adds up to Lexani-like attention to design and engineering coupled with very un-Lexani-like aggressive price points. When you browse our inventory for these tires, you are sure to be impressed by their appearance and surprisingly attractive pricing. Take a moment now and browse away.

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