Air conditioning broken in the car on a road trip


Since coronavirus happened, I haven’t wanted to take any planes because I am worried about sharing such a small space with limited air flow with passengers that I don’t know.

  • This could be a huge risk for our health.

That being said, I still have an itch to travel in the summer. My friends and I decided that every one of us could take a hiking trip and camp up in the mountains for a week or so, and without hesitation, I provided to drive. I drove the 6 hours there without any problem. After a week of camping out with no heating and cooling and no running water, every one of us were all hot, dirty, exhausted, and ready to go home. Both of us had a good time, but every one of us were physically worn out. About an hour into the drive, the air conditioning in our car stopped working. Both of us were forced to drive with the windows down on a very boiling day. Needless to say, everyone was agitated. By the time every one of us got home, I had never been more in need of a shower. However, I didn’t go straight for the restroom. Instead, I sat in the kitchen and soaked up the freezing air of the air conditioning. I laid there for a solid hour before I had cooled down and stored up enough energy to get up, clean myself up, and unpack our belongings. The next day, I took our car into the shop. There was no way I could get through the rest of the summer time without any air conditioning in our car. I am not the type of woman who enjoys driving with the windows down, as it always messes up our hair. The repairman said that the car was simply low on coolant. The air conditioning was up and running again by the end of the day. While I am ecstatic I had the option to travel, I miss the ease of planes and hotels.


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