Large trucks shipping heating and cooling units


The other morning, my boyfriend and I were heading to the grocery store.

On our way to the store, there was an unproper amount of traffic.

The people I was with and I abruptly saw the cause was 2 eighteen wheel trucks carrying heavy loads of equipment. The people I was with and I live in the city, so there absolutely isn’t space for giant trucks like this to stop and unload. The respectfully 2 way street had shifted to operate as a 1 lane road while the truck unloaded. I was curious as to what was on the truck, so I made a few calls. I soon found out that the trucks were carrying brand new heating and cooling component for a giant office building. For a building that is over twenty floors, the replacement of a new Heating, Ventilation and A/C system requires a lot of component and manpower; Unloading the trucks alone would take several minutes, luckily, once the trucks were unloaded, there was no need to stop traffic. However, the replacement process does not stop there. This is just the beginning. An entire team of Heating, Ventilation and A/C professionals would spend another week installing the equipment. The people I was with and I are talking about all new ductworks, ventilation, control units, and heating and cooling components. This is a giant process. I never absolutely thought about how much work is involved with updating an Heating, Ventilation and A/C system in a building that size. Here I thought it was a process when the people I was with and I had our house heating and cooling system replaced a few years back, but now I know, there is a lot more to the heating and cooling industry than simple house replacements. At the time, I was just concerned about the flow of traffic, but I absolutely ended up learning a lot about heating and cooling that morning. The least I could do was wait an extra more than nine minutes so that these Heating, Ventilation and A/C professionals could do their jobs.

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