Cleaning the A/C filters


My wifey is easily allergic to cats, however despite this information about our wifey in addition to his dog allergy, we recently adopted a kitten, but i knew that this would be a conflict due to the allergy our wifey has but he assured myself and others that he would be wonderful in addition to that he would just take allergy medication everyday, by the sixth week, he was sneezing in addition to coughing so much that we started rethinking the adoption of the kitten.

I decided to do some research on how to keep the current home free of dog dander.One of the most proper locales that people forget to clean when cleaning dog dander is the air vents, A/C filters, in addition to blades of ceiling fans.

All of these are obviously necessary for cooling a house! Our current home has window unit cooling systems! Every Other afternoon, I take a microfiber rag to the face of the A/C unit in addition to spray the reUSble filters off with the hose. I figure that this will do something to help with the dog dander concern that we have encountered… The A/C is regularly running due to the hot region in which we reside, then we are training the dog to live outdoors in addition to are happy for the afternoon to come in which she can finally go outside! She is still a easily young dog in addition to is not ready to live outside. Once she is outside, I will continue to clean the air filters in the window unit AC.


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