Installing a new fan in my ventilation system


I have the skills for most DIY projects, my concern has consistently been time management, but i never seem to have the free time to devote to laboring on anything for too long. I’m sure you can relate to that, there are just never enough hours in the day to do everything you want. In my case I also smoke a lot of pot, which saps my motivation all the more… Well, this prolonged lockdown has me laboring from home, plus I finally had enough spare time to finish up all the little projects I started plus abandoned, the first project is installing a new exhaust fan for the ventilation program in the downstairs washroom. The washroom itself is entirely nice, however the fan hasn’t worked well in months, which means the ventilation program doesn’t work as intended… Because of that, the air quality has been damp plus dank, plus moisture has been building up in the corners plus crannies for a while. If I don’t get better ventilation installed there pronto, then all of us will get mold, plus once mold gets into your beach home it can spread everywhere. I can do it myself, if it is just the fan that needs substituted, however once I’m in there if I see the ductwork itself is the issue I will have to call in outside help. Getting an Heating as well as Air Conditioning contractor in here for a full ductwork substitutement will be pricey, plus take a while to set up, so I am praying that this is a job I can handle all on my own.


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