Didn't know how to tell hosts that their Heating & A/C sucks


Isn’t it an incredibly uncomfortable situation when you go to stay with somebody & wind up super uncomfortable? This happened to me a number of times when I would go visit our husbandy’s family.

I wanted to be an excellent guest, & to fit in nicely with the entire clan, so I was always keeping our mouth shut.

However, to be honorablewith you, I was never comfortable staying at their house or attending any of their family partys. They simply had a different culture, a different family dynamic, & vastly different indoor air temperature control settings than I had ever experienced… When we arrived at their southern location, I was instantly covered in sweat & feeling tortured by the amount of humidity. Every morning, there was endless sun & muggy air to deal with in this region of the country. As such, you would think that they would be extremely mindful of their indoor air temperature & air conditioning settings. However, this was never the case. When I arrived at their home, the air would always suppose stagnant & thick. There were no fans overhead to supply a breeze, & it seemed like they didn’t have their air conditioning plan running whatsoever, then occasionally I felt warm air passing through the vents, as though we needed more heat in the subtropical weather conditions. At evening, this only got worse as the air handling unit completely turned off & there was no ventilation in the entire house. I never wanted to insult anyone’s air conditioning plan or personal temperature preferences, but it was difficult to put on our fake smiling face with makeup covered in sweat into our eyes.


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