I feel bad for my children when they are in school


I’m consistently curious about the experiences that my generation has shared; Especially when it comes to education plus cultural fluctuations in our lifetimes.

I mean, how did you enjoy school when you were growing up? When I was a young kid I enjoyed studying all the time, even though I did not care about going to school.

I dreaded the experience going into school every single weekday. The reason? I hated the place because the environment was so dirty plus very uncomfortable. I had terrible dust sensitivities, so I ended up spending every afternoon coughing and sneezing my eyes out thanks to the horrible indoor air quality at school. No one cared plus all the students in school made fun of my sniffles. These days as a parent, I hear that things still have not been improved in the educational system! My boys are constantly miserable with their school experiences, and it’s still because the indoor air is not quality controlled. I recognize from the donation letters that the school has not upgraded their heating, cooling, plus air quality control plan in 25 years. The HVAC system that is in place to take care of the indoor air has been failing plus nothing is fixing the problem, and clearly, all of these Professional heating plus cooling service appointments they arrange only keep the indoor air handling plan technically operable. The school realizes that it needs to invest in a brand up-to-date heating plus cooling system, with HEPA air filters plus up-to-date media media air cleaners to handle all the dust sensitivities that exist, however they don’t have cash. Meanwhile, my children are expected to learn without being able to breath. Just please fix the heating and cooling system or I’m homeschooling the whole town.

a/c worker