My toes aren’t happy these days


I hate having freezing feet all the time, but somehow I seem to have been cursed with having chronically freezing toes here in our house.

It doesn’t seem to make a difference as to what sort of heating system I have in place, either. I have tried a gas gas furnace, an electric gas furnace, and a heat pump, but literally none of them seem to help truly much with our freezing feet. Now, I realize very easily that each 1 of these heating systems is a forced air heating system, and that sincerely might really be the issue. The heating vents in our condo are actually not on the floor as they are in other homes. The heating vents in our condo are really built to be up in the high ceilings. This is really a huge issue for me, seeing how I suffer with such freezing feet literally all year long, even in the summer. I hate having freezing feet but it seems to me that it’s just our cross to bear. I was talking to an Heating, Ventilation and A/C worker the other day about it the and he mentioned that I might want to look into getting an unusual sort of modern heating system for the condo altogether. He said that there is something available today called radiant heated flooring that seems to me that it might be a fantastic fit for me and our freezing feet. With radiant heated flooring, the electric heating radiates through your floors and provides nice, even heating all through your family house. This whole concept sounds truly intriguing to me! I’m going to look into it because if I can go through the whole Winter without freezing feet, it would make our life so much better!


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