The importance of HVAC work


I am lucky that my teenage son is nothing like me. When I was his age I was getting wrecked on stolen beers and trying to seduce all the young women I could. He seems content to talk to his friends online, play games, and practice his music, which saves me a lot of stress. Last week his principal called me, and I thought “okay here we go, the kid is using drugs” but nope, he wasn’t in trouble. In fact, the principal remembered me, and wanted me to talk about my career in HVAC work to a group of at-risk youth. The principal heard about how well my HVAC contracting business was going, and thought I could inspire these kids to straighten out and fly right. I was more than happy to do it, because I remember being where they were. Back then I just cared about money ,not college, and someone showed me how HVAC work could pay big money with only a little education needed. Because of HVAc internship programs, you can actually start working, making money, and getting that hands on experience long before you ever get certified. If these kids are acting out because they see no future for themselves, I will let them know that I had bad grades too, and built my own HVAC company with hard work. Of course ,if anyone is allergic to working hard, then the HVAC business is definitely not the way to go. But if you don’t mind working hard, just don’t want to go to college, look into the HVAC industry!
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