The new job I have is the best


I am not in show business really, although I work around show business regularly.

That’s a good thing too! I sort of stumbled into it, because I was young and dumb and moved with my best buddy to the big city so she could follow her dreams of fortune and fame.

It turns out that moving to the big city without having any skills, experience, or money was not was not the best move. At least I had a way to make money, she thought her looks and charm would be good for her. They were not. We ended up going to tryouts for a play, and came to understand that my Heating and A/C equipment skills were much more important to the theater then her singing and dancing. By the end of the day I was hired as the on-call Heating and A/C equipment tech for the theater. She did not get a call-back at all from the place. After that our relationship changed a good amount, mostly because the upper class girl was not happy that her blue collar Heating and A/C buddy was now making all the money and kicking off a current job. I was actually thinking that being an on-call Heating and A/C tech would be a part time gig, but I am never left wanting for work! Whenever they have a show for the public they want me to be there to take care of things, even if the A/C equipment is working fine, just in case of an emergency. This is honestly perfect for me, because it means I get paid to relax and watch plays and hope the Heating and A/C equipment keeps plugging away. And it always works awesome, because I truly know how to operate Heating and A/C equipment with the best of them.

Cooling workman