The coffee shop I go to in the mornings is freezing


I don’t know what the problem is lately in my favorite little coffee shop, but the place always seems to be freezing for some reason these days.

I don’t know if they are having issues with their heating system, or if they are just in denial that it’s still cold outside around here. Honestly, it’s way colder here this spring than it ever has been before at this time of the year. I think that we are probably having a record breaking cold spring this year, and the temperatures haven’t even been in the sixties up to this point. Usually by the end of May, it’s super warm and sunny all the time. Right now, I have to wear a sweater in the house and I even have to keep the furnace running every night. It’s all because of weird global weather changes, I think. Anyway, this little coffee shop that I usually go to always has the best indoor air quality. However, lately, the heating system doesn’t seem to be working in the coffee shop for some reason. When I went in there the other day, I was cold the whole entire time. I even sat down by the wood burning fireplace and I still couldn’t get warm. I asked them to turn the heating system up but they said that they were having issues with their HVAC unit. Sure enough, as I was walking out the door, a commercial HVAC technician walked in with his tools. Hopefully the heating will be fixed the next time I go in.

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