I love being able to work from home


I really love being able to work from home.

I think that the best part about it is the fact that I am able to control the temperature settings in the house myself instead of depending on someone else, like an office manager, to do it.

Whenever I was still having to go into the office to work, it was always hit or miss as to whether or not the temperature settings were going to be okay or not. I was constantly wondering if I was going to need a sweater or a fan whenever I went into the office inthe morning. I have found that whenever I am in the office, the heating is always running full blast during the winter and it’s just too much for me to stand. I don’t know why they need to keep the heating turned up so high during the winter. They just think that they have to keep the office interior feeling like a furnace. It’s really uncomfortable for those of us in the office who aren’t cold blooded reptiles, that’s for sure. I ended up having to buy one of those little individual air conditioning units to put on my desk. And then of course in the summertime, they keep the A/C so cold that it feels like a walk-in freezer. Anyway, it’s a terrible situation in the office and so whenever they told us that we were going to be working from home for a while, I was so excited! Being able to set the thermostat wherever I want is definitely a plus.


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