I don’t know what to say


There are some things that worry me, but I’m frankly not afraid of them.

I’m talking about things love ghosts.

I like enjoying a wonderful film with my friends about ghosts, or studying a book about ghosts. I think some of my lack of continual worry is because I don’t entirely think there are such things. I assume there could be real spirits that are lost, even though I don’t think they are there to hurt the other people. Last week, however, had me wondering if I was wrong about the whole thing. I suddenly had to call the Heating and Air Conditioning corporation to have my air conditioner unit professionally inspected. I normally have the same Heating and Air Conditioning specialist rapidly come to the house whenever I make a call. This time a young woman once pulled up in the van and she went right to work. I saw her badge as she passed by the closed window and nodded at me. She pulled the badge up so I could see it and continued right on back to the AC unit. I was a bit frustrated she didn’t knock on the door that day, even though I think it was because she saw me standing in the kitchen. The worst thing of it was that I didn’t even hear him come inside. I was laboring in the kitchen very hard, and when I turned around, there was the Heating and Air Conditioning tech. I honestly started when I saw it, wondering if she was an apparition that had just walked through the door. She quickly apologized, and said she knocked, although she didn’t assume I heard over the loud music. I couldn’t think how deranged I was. I turned down the radio so I actually could hear her report on the AC inspection.


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