I have a lot to say


For the last twenty years, I had been laboring as an electrician day in and day out.

It was getting to where I didn’t entirely like my task anymore.

I got paid well for my job, and I knew my task, but what a wonder it is knowing your task and wonderful cash, if you don’t like what you are doing. I already knew I had to change my profession while I was still young enough to do it. I went and talked to my partner, and she wanted to think if I had anything in mind. She reminded me several times both of us had two teenagers in school, and both of us couldn’t go without the cash. My dear old father told me I had typically been an electrician, and she wasn’t sure I could do anything else with that skillset at this point in my life. If nothing else, I had to prove to myself that my father wasn’t originally right. I had seen an ad in the newspaper for an evening course in Heating and Air Conditioning. I had worked with my sister-in-law on several local tasks. She was an Heating and Air Conditioning specialist for years, and she had been showing me the ropes. I thought I could do my hefty contracting tasks in the day and go to university in the evening. I would be a Heating and Air Conditioning specialist within twelve weeks. At least, I would find out that I still loved being an electrician most days. At the best, I would become a Heating and Air Conditioning specialist and I finally could work with my sister-in-law.

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