I didn’t have another idea


I knew I was going to be late that day showing up for the next house.

I had called the Heating and Air Conditioning corporation right away and told them I was running about an hour late because of a problem I had recently found in the last task. The dispatcher told me that if I wasn’t there within the very next hour, the owner of the house would not be home. This was the first time I was out on the town, laboring on my own, and I had a lot riding on this task. As an Heating and Air Conditioning specialist, clearly both of us pride ourselves on being as punctual as possible. I didn’t think the very last heating system service was going to end up being a major repair. I had to do the entire task and get it done, and I didn’t mean to be late for the next task. I asked the dispatcher several times if she could smooth things over for me and explain that I was laboring on an unexpected emergency repair. I knew she would do her best, but it didn’t stop me from actually feeling guilty for being late. I got the PC number of the customer and I tried to call her several times, even though she didn’t answer. I knew she hadn’t waited for me to arrive. That’s when I finally heard from the dispatcher again. She told me that if I didn’t get to the client’s house by noon; she was going to go to work. I had plans for Thursday, but my Heating and Air Conditioning task has to come first next week.

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