She’s an amazing mechanic


My woman boasts to everyone that she can service anything she sets her mind to.

I have to disclose to you that she is pretty handy around the house, but there are some things I have never seen the woman attempt.

She has never tried to work on the electricity, except to change a light bulb once in a while or some simple rewiring. She refuses to do plumbing because she says it ends up being a major problem. There is no way she will work hard on the Heating and Air Conditioning system. She says that both of us should leave some important things to the professionals, and Heating and Air Conditioning is one of them, to be sure. The last time she tried to work on the heating system, it blew up in her little face. She didn’t have eyebrows for over a week, and she still can’t grow eyelashes. Then last week, both of us had a problem with the air conditioner unit. She actually seemed pretty hyped about trying to repair the AC unit on her own, but then she remembered in a blink what happened with the heating system. I reminded everyone that there was no excess heat involved with the AC unit. She reminded me that there were a lot of smaller parts and she didn’t want to get caught up in them. She picked up the PC already and called back the Heating and Air Conditioning business. She told them what she wanted done to the HVAC, and then she made an appointment for them to come to the house. She said she actually didn’t want to make any mistakes with the AC unit and end up needing to buy a modern one this time.
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